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The Hidden Mystery Behind World War 1 Tours

To sit back and relax or make the most of nature with trekking through mangroves diving around the islands and wildlife watching percent of the islands landmass forms the condo National Park which protects sea turtle nesting grounds misting season is from May to September and visitors can spend a night at a conversation site on.

One of the islands to see the turtles in their natural habitat con son Island is the main hub and as so far avoided mass tourism making it a relatively untouched paradise with access to the surrounding islands and their idyllic beaches [Music] narang considered to be the beach capital of Vietnam no Trang is famed for its sweeping stretch of beautiful beach with offshore islands adding to the appeal.

The turquoise waters offer fantastic diving opportunities while the imposing mountains that loom over the city make for a stunning setting the beachfront offers plenty to keep visitors entertained with various parks and sculpture gardens high-rise resorts stylish restaurants and sophisticated bars with its coastal location the city unsurprisingly as a wealth of seafood dining options the trying is something of a party town with great nightlife.

Though for those who prefer a little culture century-old cham towers still stand in the center of town [Music] whew situated right in the middle of Vietnam view is a stunning Imperial City brimming with a rich history and cultural heritage much like Beijing Jew has its own Forbidden City which is now in ruins because of the Vietnamese American War and was inscribed as a unesco world heritage site in despite being just a shadow of.

Their former glory exploring the imperial citadel and tombs is an amazing experience and gives great insight into Viet Nams turbulent past another historical site worth visiting is the theme new pagoda which is the home to numerous young monks in training and as excellent views over the picturesque perfume river if that sparks a desire for some more natural beauty grab a bike from one of the many rental places and go on a leisurely cycle through the lush rice paddies that surround the city les premières troupes américaines arrivent au vietnam à la fin de lannée deux cent mille hommes les ont rejointes un.

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